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Welcome to my website! There are lots of great things to check out here, like The Farther Side, my presently inactive daily humourous email message, and my huge stash of links, though I must admit the site is primarily self-serving as it is my daily link portal. As such it will change constantly. This site started as an original college "first try" web site back in Setpember, 1995 - the dawn of the web itself. The site is hosted by FieldCo Internet Services.

About Tony

I am married to my college sweetie and light of my life, and we are now living in Toronto, Canada. Karin's web site is no longer around but rest assured she dabbles in web design. Now though, she is attending a Montessori training program as part of a dramatic career switch that has her very excited.

I have two brothers, Mike, a perpetual traveller, amateur jazz musician, and my partner in FieldCo work, and Nick, a student at York University who is currently working in as a production assistant at MuchMusic, Canada's music television station. The three of us attended high school at Richview Collegiate, performed in the Etobicoke Youth Band and skied at Georgian Peaks. I'm currently employed full time as a Sr. Software Engineer for FatWire Software, working on core J2EE development for FatWire's industry-leading Internet content management software called Content Server. I also run an Internet hosting and consulting company with Mike, called FieldCo Internet Services. FieldCo targets mainly small businesses that are just getting started on the Internet and it's a very rewarding business. I earned a BA in Physics at Dartmouth College in 1997. I am active in the alumni in several ways: I am an active admissions interviewer for Dartmouth applicants, and I'm the webmaster for the Class of 1997 and the brand new Dartmouth club of Toronto.

I love to ski. This is a picture of me at Snowmass, on a trip with Karin. We had a great time. I also teach skiing. I'm a former coach and Coordinator for the Hershey Alpine Ski League at Georgian Peaks, and I'm a certified instructor and coach with the Canadian Ski Instructors' Alliance and Canadian Ski Coaches' Federation. On April 20, 1995 I skied Tuckerman Ravine, which was a great thrill.

I also play the trumpet. I have played for twelve years, from 1985 to 1997, in orchestras, quintets, wind symphonies and even marching bands. After taking about two and a half years off, I've picked it up again. I have pondered the idea of either joining a community ensemble or perhaps gathering a few friends to form a brass quintet, but so far I remain ensemble-challenged. If you're interested, please by all means let me know!

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